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Anchor Innovations

Anchor Trans

Partitions, Doors, Windows, projection Screens

  • Can be switched from clear to frosted
  • No need for curtains and blinds
  • Privacy, security and architectural integrity
Maximum Size 1542mm × 3050mm
Thckness Range 8mm to 3050mm

Anchor Blinds

Facades, Curtain Walls and Partitions

  • Venetain, roller area pleated blinds within and insulated glass assembly
  • Remote-controlled, manual and magnetic movement variants
  • No need for cleaning the blind system
  • Ensures dust - free areas

Anchor Lam

Facades, Partition, Fins and Railings

  • Incorporate coloured PVB interlayers between glass lites
  • Wide Range of colours can be created using different coloured interlayers
  • Transparent, translucent and Opaque variants

Anchor Tint

A collaborative effort with Saint-Gobain, France
Facades, Partitions, Art

  • Range of body-tinted glass with smooth fire polished surface
  • Wide applications and design options for single and multi glazing
  • Can be easily insulated and laminated
  • Safe for inclines and overhead glazing