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Anchor Interiors

Anchor Shield

Partitions, Doors, wall paneling & Furniture

  • The high strength and enhanced safety
  • Great versatility and durability
  • can br heat-soaked to minimise chances of failure because of nickel-sulphide breakage
Minimum Size 200mm × 300mm
Maximum Size 2440mm × 5200mm
Thckness Range 4mm to 25mm

Anchor Secure

Partitions, Doors, Wall Paneling, Staircases & Flooring

  • Laminated units constructed with polyvinyl butyl(PVB) or DuPont Sentry Plus Interlayers
  • Extremely safe glazing material with great design flexibility
  • Available with special acoustic interlayers for excellent sound reduction
Minimum Size 250mm × 350mm
Maximum Size 2440mm × 4500mm
Thckness Range 3mm to 19mm

Anchor Laq

Vision and Spandrel Glasses, Skylights, Canopies

  • Aesthetic back-painted glass panels
  • Maintenance-free: no risk of flaking, peeling and surface leakage
  • Attractive colour range
Minimum Size 200mm × 300mm
Maximum Size 2440mm × 4200mm
Thckness Range 4mm to 12mm